What is Adventure Based Learning?2021-02-16T06:35:58+00:00

Adventure Based Learning (ABL) is a particular form of experiential education, learning by doing, that challenges people’s homeostasis through a blend of perceived emotional and other types of risk.

“Through novel and challenging group experiences, positive individual change can happen” – Rod Quintrell.

I’m not sure about the ‘Adventure’ side of this. It looks like it might be hard.2021-02-16T06:36:22+00:00

There is one key phrase that we believe here at Venture. “Adventure is a state of mind”. For some people ‘adventure’ is doing challenging outdoor activities like our High Ropes Challenge Course. For others ‘adventure’ is leaving the safety of their comfort zones and interacting with new people.

As such Venture training programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation. They are designed to be challenging but achievable for all ages. Our programs have a strong focus on safety, trust, support and most importantly ‘challenge by choice’. This means that the level of challenge is chosen by the participant, not forced upon them.

Do you still run programs for schools?2020-11-10T04:05:56+00:00

Absolutely! Our Venture Youth programs now come under the Venture Associations page.

Are your staff qualified?2020-11-10T04:06:02+00:00

Absolutely! We take pride in the quality of our staff. We only hire outdoor professional with extensive experience and qualifications across many outdoor disciplines, including advanced first aid and all the necessary security clearances. We seek out well grounded people with good leadership and facilitation instincts. We actively train and develop our staff to deliver high quality experiences.

Can you tell me more about your mobile Rock Climbing walls?2020-11-10T04:06:27+00:00

Rock About is our mobile rock climbing wall service. We can incorporate this service both as part of your Adventure Based Learning program or as a day or half day event booking. As they are mobile they can be booked to travel to any location in South Australia. To learn more about Rock About, please visit the official website at rockabout.com.au.

I heard that the Mount Lofty Adventure Hub does experiences on the weekend and during the school holidays. Where can I go to book one?2021-02-17T00:06:34+00:00

The Mount Lofty Adventure Hubs official page is adventurehubssa.com.au. From this page you will be able to find out about the full range of experiences and group/party events they have on offer.

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